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Winter essentials

Winter essentials


Prepare your Porsche for the harshest winter environments with Porsche Tequipment. We have a range of products available to both protect the interior of your car and make those cold, frosty starts a little easier.

Ice Scraper

The ice scraper is made from robust and cold-resistant polycarbonate and ensures clear visibility in ice and snow. You can easily free your wiper blades of ice with the integrated cleaning device. The snow shovel with rubberised edges helps to clear even large quantities of snow from the vehicle. And thanks to the extendable telescopic handle, even difficult to reach places can be cleared.

Price: £19.00 incl. Vat
Part No. 95B 044 005

Winter Car Care Kit

Care series in a waterproof bag with practical inner compartments.
The set includes winter window cleaner concentrate (2 bottles with 1,000 ml each), window cleaner (250 ml bottle), interior glass cleaner (100 ml bottle), ice scraper and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Price: £82.00 incl. VAT
Part No. 000 044 001 04

All Weather Floor Mats

These non-slip mats are made from a hard wearing composite and feature a raised rim around the edge to keep any water contained. Finished the iconic Porsche script and model silhouette they are fitted perfectly to each model. The mats are offered in either sets of two or four depending on the vehicle. The all-weather floor mats provide a durable barrier protecting your carpets underneath from the harshest of winter salt and dirt.

Priced from: £116.00 incl. VAT
Part No. Please speak to our parts team to ensure correct fitment for your vehicle.

Contact 01534 497777 or email info@porschejersey.co.uk for details on pricing and availability.