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60 years of The Iconic 911

60 years of the Iconic 911


2023 sees the 60 anniversary celebrations of the iconic Porsche 911.

First debuted at the 1963 International Motor Show in Frankfurt, few could have predicted the impact it would have on motoring for decades to come. Originally named the 901, its name was changed before it went on sale. In the 60 years between 1963 and 2023, over 1.2 million 911 sportscars have been made.

The first ever 911 was designed by F.A Porsche, son of the founder of the company, Ferry Porsche. The original 911 was equipped with an air-cooled flat-six engine, replacing the four-cylinder boxer engine used in the previous 356.

In keeping with Porsche’s leitmotif “driving in its most beautiful form”, Porsche engineers have continuously refined the legendary sports car, but always with the utmost care. They have optimised and improved it over eight vehicle generations (and counting) while always preserving its character and distinctive silhouette. The 911 combines sportiness with day-to-day usability, tradition with innovation, an air of exclusivity with social acceptance, and form with functionality like no other model.

Now in it's eighth gerneation the Porsche 911 remains the epitome of timeless automotive design.

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