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Porsche expands its range of powertrains for the Panamera

Porsche expands its range of powertrains for the Panamera


Porsche is expanding the Panamera model range with the edition of the 4 E-Hybrid and the 4S E-Hybrid, offering impressive acceleration figures, driving performance and strong E-Performance.  This is in response to the strong interest of efficient and dynamic E-Hybrid powertrains over many markets, meaning the Panamera is now available in a total of four performance variants.

Compared to previous models, the all-electric range increases to 59 miles (WLTP) with a new high voltage battery providing around 45% more capacity whilst shortening charging times to just 2 hours 39 minute. Along with this, the completely new electric motor offers significantly more power than its predecessor proving a better driving performance in almost all disciplines.

To contact the Centre to enquire about the new Panamera, please call us on 01534 497777 or email us at info@porschejersey.co.uk .

* The specified charging outputs and times (hour/minutes) are dependent on various factors: in general, the charging output and time can vary due to physical and chemical limits, depending on factors such as the available output of the country-specific energy infrastructure, the customer's own domestic installation, the temperature, interior pre-conditioning and charging status, as well as the age of the battery. Charging times may therefore be significantly higher than those specified. A lithium-ion battery is subject to physical and chemical ageing, as well as wear and tear. This reduces the battery capacity, depending on the usage pattern and environmental conditions, resulting in a reduction in range and an increase in charging times as the battery ages.